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Getting Arty

I'm still not doing great with posting, but I'm not up to a decade with no updates, so I still count this as an improvement. I took to watching lots of speed painting videos for a while on YouTube and got inspired by one painter in particular. In case it stirs up anyone else's creative juices I'll embed a playlist of some of her painting videos below:

I haven't done the inked style of watercolor in years, and I was never brave enough to ink before painting (after a very bad early experience where the ink bled everywhere upon meeting the faintest hint of water). After seeing her paintings I got some of the pens she uses and have had a go at reviving this style.
This painting is still a work in progress, but all the main color work is done. I'm still trying to get over how much this reminds me of the CG stuff I was big into for a while. I really like some of the line work, but I need to find a way to get back some of the delicacy that I like about straight water…

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