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An Increasingly Not-Quite-Annual Update

Apparently eleven months between posts wasn't a reasonable self-improvement goal (or it was fine, and self-improvement was the unreasonable part). I had grand ideas of posting at least a photo and a sentence for each finished object in 2020, and that didn't happen. It's a shame, because at the moment I don't really remember what I made last year. Time to dig through the photo stream... It was a year of much knitting, and after much grief in trying to work out how to do the angled joins, I finished my Arbus. It's so nice that I'm mostly afraid to wear it. I also took the plunge on modifying last year's Marled Mania, as I never did manage to get along with the wooly funnel neck. My method was a bit too extreme, as I spent ages pulling the wool back to where I decided to pick up the stitches, and then had to re-knit most of it since I didn't want an off-the-shoulder sweater. But when I finally finished I had a scoop-neck sweater that I loved wearing and got

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