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Oh, the shame!

Over a year without posting, how bad is that? And I've had it on my to-do list to come back and post something for months now. I just keep ignoring it. (It's a shame I didn't at least paint something to make it worth the wait!)

Creativity-wise I'm not sure there's much to report. I've painted a few cards, had a couple sewing projects come out so far from what I wanted that they've been languishing for months, finished knitting a top sometime in the spring or early summer, and finished knitting another top in the summer and decided it was never going to work, so now it's a question of whether I frog it and re-use the yarn, or just give it away. I'm currently in the black hole of stockinette known as the Boxy Sweater. And I cleverly decided that I wanted to make it 9 inches longer than the pattern calls for, so there's no end in sight.

I genuinely debated whether I might not prefer to stick in an elastic waistband and call it a skirt. On the brigh…

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