An Experiment In Battling Laziness

I haven't updated my website in a decade. An actual, 10 full years decade. Given that I like messing with HTML and CSS and website designs, I've never understood why I can't be bothered to maintain my own site. As is my habit, I did play around with redesigning my website at one point (possibly several), but never arrived at anything I liked, and a redesign wouldn't have addressed the fact that my lack up updates is because a hard-coded site takes time to update, so if I don't feel I have something of significance and importance to add, I don't add anything.

I thought I was so clever making the maincontent it's own little file to be edited without worrying about affecting the rest of the design. But no: it's just horrible...
The advent of this blog in no way means I have something of significance and importance to post, but the fact that it's easier to post and someone else deals with the maintenance required by a CMS means I might be more likely to post insignificant and unimportant stuff, but stuff that's not ten years old. It may be only a small step, but any step I actually take would be an improvement on the current situation.

Assuming I actually post to this thing, I suspect it will be be more about daily life and crafty stuff in general (although it would be very nice if it inspired me to do more painting again).

For now I have to work out what options this offers in terms of layout and file hosting and I'll probably try to get through a couple posts before I definitely switch my domain over, but here's hoping it works!

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