Little Bit of a Fail

Right, so it's been a whole month since I last posted. Granted, that's better than a decade, but given that I'd completely forgotten about making posts, it's not a good sign. I still don't really have anything on my mind to post about, I just didn't want to go any longer without posting. So here's another painting:

I never really decided this was done, I just wasn't sure what more to do with it. I didn't originally intend for them to be standing on some kind of marble dais/staircase, but I couldn't think what colour to paint it, so it's stayed white (-ish). Subject-wise I think I'd have to call this Story-inspired, but not really canon, as it would have happened after all the events of the Story. Clearly I was really enjoying a new pan of cobalt watercolor paint at the time!

There's something else I haven't done anything with in ages. For a while I was taking 15 minutes each evening to write a bit more of the Story, and had a reasonable amount down, but I haven't even looked at it in months. It's a shame, since I do really enjoy re-reading the bits I have (grammatical errors not withstanding), and would presumably enjoy even more being able to read the whole thing. Maybe I should get back to that...

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